Story of the Mosholu Playground Mural in Pictures!

Mosholu Playground is located in The Bronx, NY (United States) on the corner of East Mosholu Pkwy South and Bainbridge Ave. It is a Public park shared by Public School 8 (P.S.8 Isaac Varian) elementary students and children of the community. FOMP proposed the following Mural to beautify the walls our children pass daily. It’s location is directly next to the school so we thought it was necessary to improve the bare wall. Caring for the neighborhood and enhancing the aesthetic with art is something we feel is vital to the well being of the community as a whole. The work we do is always centered around beautification, conservation and preservation. The amazing local artist Kathleena Howie a.k.a Lady K is responsible for bringing this mural to life. She is a gifted artist and vital part of FOMP.

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