Edible Gardens

The Keepers House at Williamsbridge Reservoir is a historic home located in the Borough of the Bronx in New York City. It was built in 1889 as part of the Williamsbridge Reservoir Complex. It is a 2 1/2 story, L-Shaped stone house.
Built: 1889
Location: 3400 Reservoir Oval East Bronx, New York 10467

The Mosholu Preservation Corp and Friends of Mosholu Parkland, have a good collaboration with missions that compliment each other. Mosholu Preservation Corporation (MPC) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York in 1981. MPC operates out of The Keeper's House and its purposes are exclusively charitable, and for the support of Montifiore Health System through improving some of the social determinants of health to create healthier communities. MPC has been a staple in the community for almost 40 years and has helped to combat community deterioration by preserving neighborhoods and building community. MPC does this through supporting small business to ensure they grow and thrive, acquiring and rehabbing quality sustainable affordable housing, beautifying the neighborhood and the production of educational local news.


Located adjacent to the keepers house is a small garden that has been adopted and revitalized by Friends of Mosholu Parkland (FOMP). Shy of calling it a community garden, it is still a garden that is for the benefit of the community. It is a communal growing edible garden. The edible garden model is one where community residents can come in and volunteer in planning, seeding, planting watering, weeding and help make compost. Residents can help harvest and prep for the next season in the raised planters, beds, and container pots that get cared for at the garden. All volunteers are welcomed.
The FOMP group provides programming and stewardship opportunities on Mosholu Parkway and other areas of The Bronx for community development using environmental project based learning to help individuals and families in the community acquire more sustainability practices that contribute to the quality of life and overall growth socially, economically, culturally and environmental.




"Caring for the parkland begins with one on the inside"

Stop by the garden and see what's new. We follow COVID-19 CDC Guidelines