Reminder: Please keep our neighborhood clean.

  1. Be part of the solution, not the pollution.
  2. Feed the can, man.
  3. Slam dunk the junk.
  4. You think we like picking up after you?
  5. I hate that empty feeling inside (seen on a trash receptacle).
  6. Put trash in its place
  7. If you litter, the future will be bitter
  8. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
  9. You can’t afford to be trashy
  10. Green city, clean city, my dream city
  11. Don’t trash our future, recycle
  12. Stop littering. The earth is not your garbage can.
  13. Here today, reused tomorrow.
  14. Give a hoot, don’t pollute (with a picture of an owl, of course)
  15. Every litter bit hurts
  16. You are the only cure for litter
  17. The world outside your car is not your personal ashtray
  18. Litter and you’re rubbish
  19. Can it for a greener planet
  20. Proud people don’t litter
  21. Recycle your trash or trash your earth
  22. Fight dirty. Keep our parks clean
  23. Be clean, be green, be a recycling machine
  24. Money does grow on trees, recycle paper
  25. Take care of the earth and she will take care of you
  26. Your mother does not work here
  27. There is no planet B

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