Volunteer Stewardship

Volunteer Stewardship Opportunities

Equipment, Material & Instructions provided by FOMP. We appreciate every minute Stewards dedicate to help keep Mosholu beautiful. Please let us know how much time you have available and which day of the week or weekend you can commit to. Work on Mosholu Parkland is constant.


1)    Tree Care Stewardship: Solo or Group Activity

  1. Parkland Tree Pit trash removal (Trees within Mosholu Terrains)
  2. Sidewalk Tree Pit trash removal (Trees on Mosholu South or North Anywhere between Webster Ave & Jerome. Also trees on 204th Street and Gunhill Avenue)
  3. Break up/soften compacted soil using gardening tools.
  4. Compost and mulch trees.
  5. Plant Seeds or bulbs if available.

2)    Groundskeeper: Solo or Group Activity

  1. Trash removal (aka Litter patrol) on a designated Terrain. This can be done as a group activity or as a Solo Volunteer activity.
  2. Condense trash bins for PARKS. We will assign an overflown garbage basket. Equipped with gloves, garbage bags and a litter picker, you simply collect all the garbage out of the overflown basket and put into a garbage bag. Line the newly emptied basket with a new garbage bag.
  3. Maintain Gardens with trash removal, bulb, and seed plantings.
  4. Compost/Mulch transport.

3)    Trails and Paths : Group Activity

  1. Stewards are tasked with filling in the existing trails and paths with mulch. This is a strenuous activity and requires more than one volunteer.
  2. Compost/Mulch transport


4)    Playground Stewardship

  1. Organize cleanups at one of the following: Kossuth Playground, Mosholu Playground, Whalen Playground, Williamsbridge Oval, Knox-Gates Playground, French Charley's Playground or Frisch Field.
  2. Beautification projects
  3. Planting bulbs in Autumn
  4. Organize community development activity


5)    Parkland Greeter

  1. Host an informational table on the parkland.
  2. Collect contact information from interested community members.
  3. Provide information to the community about FOMP and the work we've done.


6)    Keeper's House Edible Garden Care Taker

  1. Assist with watering and taking care of edible gardens.
  2. Compost Transport.
  3. Garden Daily Check in. Stewards stay at the garden 1-2 hours to answer any questions community members may have about the garden or FOMP.
  4. Garden Tours. Stewards learn about each fruit and vegetable growing in the garden and show visitors their progress.


7) Compost Maintenance at the Keeper's House Edible Garden

  1. Shovel out Compost from Brown bin into Gray Bin for processing.
  2. Add twigs or wood chips.
  3. Hose Down Brown Bin area to remove any waste runoff from bin.