Sustainability Education

What is "sustainability education"? 
It's a change in educational culture where knowledge helps foster sustainability practices encompassing the 4 pillars of sustainability which are human, social, economic, and environmental, and recognizing that they all connect.

The future depends on the sustainable work we do today. Our partnerships with small businesses
and large organizations and institutions are aimed to helping cut greenhouse gases, reduce waste
and educate children, young people and adults about sustainability. We each have a role to play if
we’re going to achieve these goals of a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable world.
Friends of Mosholu Parkland implement and incorporates sustainability in the work practices as best
as possible with the resources available to us. We continue to address our own challenges within the
work environment. We are conscious about both everyday waste and food waste. According to the
University of McGill “Sustainability is a holistic approach that considers ecological, social and
economic dimensions, recognizing that all must be considered together to find lasting
Environmentalism is the part of sustainable living that has planted itself in the consciousness of
people with concerns and actions aimed at protecting the environment. Fears about climate change
and its global warming along with our impact of our carbon footprint on the Earth, we are demanding
clear and actionable environmentalist policies from governments and businesses alike.
As a small group, with big hearts, outside of our own sustainability work goals, we also are dedicated
to bringing these efforts out into the community. Sustainability is environmental and therefore it
complements the organization mission.
Addressing Sustainability with Awareness
1) Recycle, Repurpose/Reuse, Resell- This initiative accepts donations directly from
community residents of household items and small furnishings that can be carried in and
carried out. These donated items are considered works- in-process as they get cleaned up
and prepared to be used again in a new creative form or as-is. Upcycled, recycled items are
sold under a organized porch sale several times a year.

2) COMING SOON: Sewing /Crocheting/Crafting- This initiative teaches skills of sewing,
hand knitting and crafting. We will help community save money and teach fun, essential
sewing skills. Ranging from instruction on darning socks and replacing buttons to repairing
zippers and refitting and making clothing, and quilts, providing insight into what ethical
clothing production looks like in practice. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever go back to the time
when everyone makes their own clothes, but the skill of being able to mend, alter and sew
has never been more important.
NOTE: FOMP is currently applying for sewing machines donations. Sewing teachers
inquire for more information on teaching.