Our non-profit serves the community. Fee-based services provided for selected projects help our purpose.  We are hoping that people will pay these project-based, value-based fees knowing they’re going to a cause they believe in. Charging fees help offset our operating expenses, resources, use of time, and energy. This fee-for-service nonprofit uses its earnings to support its mission and prioritizes benefit to the community over profits.


Causes: Botanical, Horticultural & Landscape Services, Environment, Environmental Beautification


Service Mission: To promote environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity, and healthier urban community green spaces, as part of the urban ecosystem, through community plantings, maintenance, education, and advocacy.


These projects create a positive environmental impact and address problems like flooding and drought, including the opportunity to grow food and medicine for you and your community.  


Our projects are also for the purpose of mental wellness and to encourage a sense of well-being within its community. Work is rooted in the transformation of urban neighborhoods through gardens and to empower people to grow and eat healthy, organic local food.


We provide the following fee-based services:


Tenant Community Gardens– we consult, design, install and maintain gardens on the property

·      Peace Gardens

·      Edible Gardens


Sidewalk Beautification– we consult, provide tree care, design, plant, and maintain tree pits


Corporate Volunteer Program– we bring together tenants, employees, property managers, and owners for a 3- hour community volunteer opportunity.


Waste Management coming soon


For questions and information on any of these services contact