Growing Civic Pride

Community volunteerism is the ultimate form of civic engagement.
Contact us to volunteer at Mosholu Parkland
Civic environmentalism is a type of social action where citizens solve environmental problems as a means to improve their communities. The goal is to ensure a sustainable community for future generations through participation in democratic processes. Civically engaged individuals care about what’s going on around them, and who take some action that indicates this.

FOMP's goal with the solo volunteer program is to provide the “civically engaged” the opportunity to volunteer in the parkland. With “individuals” being out on the parkland, in different areas, at different times during the day and week, ensures the parkland is getting serviced daily to a greener, cleaner environment.

We provide all equipment for cleaning up.
There is an online orientation.
The season is from April - to the end of September
End-of-season luncheon, celebrating your civic participation in the community.